About me



My name is Marek, I live in Poland and I travel the world. I’m happy to share my photos with you. If you like my photos, Bitcoin tips are welcome (there are small Coinbase buttons below each post) :-)

Why “Dark Island Photos“? I like Mike Oldfield’s song “Dark Island”. And the title is mysteriously pretty.

Some of my favorite places in the world are:

New Zealand, because of the fantastic nature
Tokyo, the most hectic city in the world- Austria, because I really enjoyed bicycling the entire country
Barcelona, great architecture by Antoni Gaudi
Paris… I thought Paris would be too cliche, but it turned out to be charming
Norway, fiords are amazing
Arches National Park, beauty of stone desert
GdaƄsk, pretty colorful architecture in Poland
Thailand with tasty cuisine, vivid Bangkok and pretty island beaches

Enjoy the photos :-)

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